Gang Rape in Rio de Janeiro and How we’re Dealing with it in Brazil

A 16 year-old girl was raped by 33 men in Rio de Janeiro.  They recorded the abuse and posted it, one of the man showed his face, “She was impregnated by 30!  By 30!  You got it?”, he said mocking.  They showed her unconscious and bleeding, her face and genitals were exposed to the camera, they poked her, and one of them even posted a selfie with the unconscious victim.  One of the “suspects” is her boyfriend.  The incident got to the media, Twitter, Facebook and so on.  

The wave of indignation started with the Feminists but after our deposed President (Dilma Rousseff) publicly showed her sympathy, the new president, Michel Temer, expressed his regret and told the media that a special section in our Federal Police would be created to deal with crimes against women. Funny to hear that from a man that extinguished all the ministries for minorities affairs, women and human rights.  Well, well, police is working BUT

In spite of the international outrage, the three suspects (*one of them the man who showed the face in the horrible video and posted the selfie) were just inquired and set free. The poor girl’s lawyer is now demanding the removal of the chief police officer in charge of the investigations. When the girl was inquired about the rape, he asked her if she used to be engaged in grupal sex activities and so on. In fact, sexism is dictating the whole investigation and it’s a shame for my conutry, but it’s happening now. The girl is a minor and poor, single mother, drug addicted (or used to be), and was an habituee at funk dance parties, for many people around here she deserved the rape or was asking for it. So sad, so shameful. I feel miserable and I know that it’ll not get better.

For example, last week, an actor, former porno star and now a right-wing and meddling in politics, was received by the new Education Minister. This man was representing a project that aims the prohibition of any discussion about race, gender, violence or any “political” issue in classroom. This same man, some months ago, went to a (in) famous talk show and told the audience how he raped a woman. It was seen as just a fun fact of his life. And when a feminist activist demanded an explanation in her social medias was harassed and was sued by him for false allegations.

What I’m saying is our new Government is complacent with rapists. Don’t believe in any real move for this girl or any woman. They are a gerontocratic white male group that took the power and are ruling in the name of false conservative values, because real conservatives would never engage in converstions with self proclamed rapists, even when they refuse to openly admit this.

P.S.: Não costumo postar em ingl^s e sei bem que o texto não apresenta a correção necessária, mas precisava escrever para ser lida em qualquer lugar do mundo. O que ocorreu e ainda está ocorrendo por aqui só mostra o quanto nós, mulheres, valemos pouco.  Nossa palavra, aliás, vale nada.  Nem mesmo as imagens chocantes que rodam pela internet até agora e as palavras ditas no vídeo são suficientes.  O delegado responsável pelo caso não tem certeza de que houve estupro; a juíza a quem foi pedida a sua destituição não acredita que existam evidências de que ele não é o mais adequado para liderar as investigações.  E seguimos assim.  Eu tenho pouca esperança de que allgo efetivo aconteça com algum envolvido neste caso salvo a vítima.

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